The lobster, the scallop shell and the dragonfly

December 01, 2017

dragonfly drawer pull charleston knob company

What do a lobster, scallop shell and dragonfly all have in common? They're our newest designs at Charleston Knob Company!

Our first feature in this post is the classic scallop shell. All knobs come in sets of two, so these can be positioned in any way to complement each other. It is a sea foam green, and hand-distressed around the edges for a rustic look. These would look great on the bathroom cabinets, especially if you have a coastal home.

iron green rustic called shell knob

Next up is our sea foam green dragonfly pull. These are sold in pairs and have two screws to anchor it to its surface. These fellows are also hand-distressed and would look great on an up-cycled, recycled furniture project like a dresser or armoire. They can be situated in any direction, facing each other, up or down, or in the same direction like a flying squad!

sea foam green dragonfly pull by charleston knob company

dragonfly cabinet knob pull

The last little guy we are waiting for is a handy lobster in hand-distressed whitewash finish. He matches our fiddler crab (in stock now), so it might be fun to mix and match these quirky sea creatures.

lobster knob in iron by charleston knob company

fiddle crab knob by charleston knob company

We will keep you posted on their progress and will announce them when they arrive. Until then, happy home decorating!