Burnished Silver Knob – Black & White Cow Fashion


Add a touch of whimsy to your furniture with our Burnished Silver Knob featuring a stylish Black & White Cow Fashion design. This unique knob is perfect for cabinets, drawers, or dressers, blending a classic cow print motif with a contemporary black and white color scheme. Crafted with attention to detail and finished in burnished silver, it enhances both modern and traditional decor styles with its playful charm. Whether you're updating your home or adding a fun accent, the Black & White Cow Fashion Knob offers a stylish and versatile solution to elevate your living space with its distinctive design and functional beauty.

  • Size: 1.5" diameter
  •  Black & White Fashion Cow under smooth glass inlay
  • Set in solid pewter
  • Hardware included
  • Original artwork design by Charleston Knob Company
  • Priced per knob.

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