Bubble Glass CLEAR Knob


Crystal clear and totally on-trend, this Bubble Glass Clear Knob is a real eye-catcher! Add a touch of sparkle to your space without breaking the bank - this knob is a universal favorite for a reason! A must-have for all you trendy glam-lovers out there!

Upgrade your furniture with our elegant Bubble Glass Clear Knob. This stylish knob features a sleek clear design with a distinctive bubble glass texture, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to cabinets, drawers, or dressers. Handcrafted to ensure each piece is unique, it blends artistic craftsmanship with practical functionality, complementing any modern or traditional decor effortlessly. Whether you're refreshing your home's interior or completing a renovation project, the Bubble Glass Clear Knob offers a versatile and stylish solution to enhance your living space with its timeless appeal and subtle elegance.

  • Size: 1.5"
  • Hardware included
  • Chrome details
  • Priced per knob.

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