What sets Charleston Knob Company apart from other knobs?

March 01, 2017

What sets Charleston Knob Company apart from other knobs?

At Charleston Knob Company, we provide you with more details about our knobs than any other knob hardware distributor. We show you extra images of the knob, including side images, so you can see how the knobs look from all angles. Why? Because our knobs are unique designs and our is artwork created in-house. So, the more you know about our product that can personalize your home, the more we hope you’ll love our designs cast in quality, sturdy materials.

Here are some definitions of the materials we use and other facts:

  • Brass (a yellow alloy of copper and zinc)
  • Pewter (a gray alloy of tin with copper and antimony)
  • Verdigris (a bright bluish-green encrustation or patina formed on copper or brass by atmospheric oxidation, consisting of basic copper carbonate)
  • Knob details are usually brass or chrome
  • Blown crystal glass knobs
  • Hand-painted ceramics and porcelain knobs
  • Hardware is included so you won’t need to run to the hardware store!
  • Our packaging is very, very secure and our delivery is fast!

 This knob is one of our Lowcountry inspirations, the Sweetgrass Basket in black iron:

The Basket Ladies can be found all over the Lowcountry and in the market in downtown Charleston, weaving their wares in all shapes and sizes. And these baskets are expensive for a reason - it's a labor of love passed down from generation to generation.